Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 32, Week Six!

A welcome communication from one of our subscribers makes the content of this week's Aces Weekly intro!  As you know, every week we invite all our readers to give us their verdict on us and promise to publish it here in this spot if we receive it.  I'm glad to say that our subscriber, Andrew Standish, has done just that, so we're happy to print his views right here for you, as promised!  As well as his comments on the contents of what we produce here, Andrew also gave us some very good hints on presenting Aces Weekly to everyone in a better way, so we were happy to hear that, too!  Here's his comments on our content :

Regarding content I cannot fault you one bit. The mix of styles has been great, I’m discovering lots of truly extraordinary work I would never have found had I not subscribed to Aces. Here are some of my top favourites from volumes 22 to 29 (  I’m just catching up with volume 30 ) :

Dungeons and Burglars: always looks beautiful and a fun read.

Dr. Queer: again always looks beautiful and a fun read.

Why Don’t You Love Me?: I’m completely absorbed by this black comedy/drama. The humanity and authenticity here is overwhelming.

Beauty: Just like Laura Scarpa’s previous work (The War Painter} this is powerful stuff, real drama and tragedy told expertly with truly emotive and evocative artwork.

Thrawn Janet: Brilliantly adapted from the original tale, creepy, atmospheric and gripping.

Boom! Knowhere: An intriguing storyline, the artwork evokes a sort of spirituality, almost a dream quest state of mind.

Karma Coyote: Great idea told in an effective manner. Art and script worked wonderfully together.

Tales of the Black Root: All I can say is more of the same ( or similar ) please, this was a gem!

In closing I’d like to suggest that “The Monster Kids” and “Goons of the Galaxy” be featured as greetings cards, the strong characters and graphic style of the artwork is ideal for the format.

Carry on carrying on you are all doing a great job pushing the boundaries and making Art!  I thank you.

Andrew J. Standish.

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