Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 32, Week Five!

Extras!  Extras!  Read all about them..!  For those of you who swerve these introductions I diligently write for your entertainment or enlightenment, or both, in every week's Aces Weekly, I want you to know that I don't blame you.  You are as valuable to me whether you read them or not ( sob..! ).  But, importantly, our splendid Extras button is situated below the weekly intros on some screen appearances, and I'd hate to think that you might keep missing those just because you're avoiding my rambles!  Extras isn't there if there are no Extras to show to readers in any particular week, but when it is there - as it is this week - it can have lots of interesting stuff to see for all those who are interested in the way strips are put together.  So, ignore me if you must ( choke..! ) but please check out the Extras that our great creators include there for you to see when they have the time to add them.  They're the clay before the final form and always worth a look.  Unlike my intros... : ) 

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