Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 32, Week Two!

During the time I've been publishing this completely unique and special thing that you know of as Aces Weekly, I've given chances to various ' promoters ' to prove themselves in marketing it.  One of them came up with the idea that potential subscribers would join us on the strength of the fabulous art we feature on the strips we publish, so he used single frames of it as a lure to potential readers. His belief in the strength of that art to attract interest was well-founded, of course, and he used great panels for his cause.  But in failing to recognise that the art existed for the purpose of the storytelling it was meant to serve, he lost the sales argument he tried to make.  But it has to be said that his heart was in the right place.  Amongst all those who, like me, have grown to love comics in their varying forms, there are very few of us who think of a page of panels as the beginning of that love -  it's almost always a single powerful image of some kind.  I'm glad to say that in every week of all of our volumes, past and present, I'm blessed with a great selection of such images to make use of.  But, in contrast to that sincere and well-intentioned promoter of past days, I use them on Facebook and other sites as a direction to the stories and the creators who produced them, so that they indicate that the ' play's the thing ', and the images, like actors on a stage, are only there to tell the story... We hope that you'll enjoy this 2nd week of all the great art and all the great stories it gives life to, in Aces Weekly Volume 32... : ) 

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