Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 30, Week Four!

Friends, I've just been somewhere far away from my neck of the woods where it's been brought home to me how random the reach of comics has been over past decades.  From the times when US comics came to the UK as ballast on cargo ships, and newsstands in the US became battlegrounds for competing companies ; and then there was the change to direct sale to comic readers that gave us specialised comic stores, and then the distributor changes to those stores that occurred, and then the gradual appearance of merchandise in comic stores that took shelf-space away from so many deserving indie books...  And that's just some of the travails in one part of the world.  And all that is all about shifting stuff.  Shifting comics as things from one place to another because they had to be things to be shifted.  But now great comics don't have to be trapped in such a lumbering and insecure world.  As you all know, they can come straight to you, at your command, wherever you are, and at a fraction of the cost of the thing.  They've busted out of that suffocating shell, and they'll never have to go back.  Thank you, cyberspace, we love you... : )

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