Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 30, Week Three!

Many of our Aces from Aces Weekly, plus our masterful Managing Editor, Simon Russell, have just come back from The Lakes International Comic Art Festival in the UK, which is located, appropriately enough, in the Lake District.  The Lake District  is a beautiful area marred only by the frequent occurences of water from the sky trying very hard to match the amount of it that's on the ground beneath.  The Lakes Festival is unlike many other similar events in the UK in having a deliberately very eclectic mix of guests and panels, drawn from a global outreach and covering a very wide range of tastes in comics appreciation.  Aces attending were part of this magic mix, too : the unconventional, Mal Earl, was in the same place as the very traditional, Lew Stringer. Marc Jackson ran workshop after workshop for cartoonists of tomorrow. There was chat on the academical aspects of the art form, as well as its long history.  And Aces Weekly got itself a mention, too, as a signal to the future.
This recognition by general culture, via The Lakes Festival, of the many possibilities of creativity in comics, is in marked contrast to the limited view of their potential that, for decades, marked the UKs cultural attitude toward them.  We can do anything in comics, and weve waited long enough to prove it.  Hopefully now we can stop trying to convince everyone...  : ) 

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