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ACES WEEKLY Volume 12 starts here.

This Volume we welcome back the two crazy criminals who debuted in Dungeons & Burglars from Jok and Santullo in Volume Nine. Will they have better luck this time?

We also welcome back the author of the stylish vigilante tale, Bullhawk - Mal Earl - this time using his craft to tell a very personal story.  

And Batton's back ; and Parassassin's back. Esteban's back ; and Hadopelagic's back.  And little Grace is back, too - with Kora stopping by to say hi later as well.  Plus we have the return of those Brasilian masters, Manoel Magalhães and Osmarco Valladão, with a very dark crime drama. 

What's new?  Well, Volume 12, of course - all-new, never-before-seen stories in our new volume of Aces Weekly.  It's bright as a new pin.

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