Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 29, Week Five!

Friends, today is a special day for the comics aficionado - and a special one, too, for the world of art in general!  Why?  Because as many of you know already, today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of someone whose influence on the medium of comics changed the course of its history.  I'm talking about the extraordinary, Jack Kirby.  If you have some of his work, read it in tribute today, and raise a glass.  If you've missed acquiring any, either because you somehow didn't get round to it, or you were not quite sure it was your thing, then buy some, try some.  His work should be experienced by all comics lovers in the same way that great paintings of many kinds should be seen in the art galleries of the world - there to inspire or leave their viewers unmoved, but still there of necessity to facilitate one thing or the other. Me, I loved him truly at what I considered to be his best, and though I usually don't plug anything in these Aces Weekly intros other than the work of our own great Aces, this time I'm going to plug a new tribute book to the King - Kirby100 - one in which I was privileged to be asked to express my thoughts about him alongside just 99 other comics creators, who, I'm pleased to say, had much more illuminating things to say about his legacy than I. It's a great book, about a great artist, and think you might enjoy it. You can get more detail at www.twomorrows.com... : )

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