Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 27, Week Seven!

You might expect that the compiler of all this surprising work that Aces Weekly gives you every week would want to read every bit of it before it's delivered to you on a plate to our readers, but that really only happens in a situation where we're working with free thinkers who might inadvertently slip out of the boundaries we set for them. Mostly, I'm reassuredly happy to read every week of our weekly delivery of strips to you, just after they're delivered, at a very close time to launch - in much the same way as our weekly readers do at launch.  That's the way I like reading it the most.  Many readers feel differently, though - and I don't argue with that. Many like to read every volume of Aces Weekly at its very end, and chomp on 6 comic books-worth ( the approx size of any volume that's been completed ) one after the other, to eat up the final volume!  This is why we initiated the Week2Week system in the earliest days of Aces Weekly.
On the last week of any volume, we start that system running.  So, from this evening or tomorrow, you can put all those bite-size weeks of Aces Weekly into one big feast of Aces Weekly, enjoying Volume 27 in its entire glory, without waiting for the week by week input.  But, be warned  - it's a rich concoction, so don't eat it too quickly...  : ) 

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