Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 27, Week Two!

During my weekend at MoCCA - a very busy annual festival that celebrates mainly non-mainstream strips of various kinds, in a similar way to the Lakes in England - I had an interview with a supporter of all good comics who found it very difficult to accept the simplicity of what we were doing with Aces Weekly in just transferring the art form to another surface without fiddling with it there because you could. The sheer simplicity of transferring a trusted and fantastic art form to just another surface for the benefits it allows in economics of production, speed of delivery, and quality of reproduction and distribution, didn't seem to be enough for him. Bells and whistles of the kind offered in motion comics seemed a natural thing to stick on it because you could. ' Why ', I kept asking, ' when for decades comics have been telling all kinds of stories effectively just the way they are? '. We don't argue with the value of the comic art form. We like it the way it is, and we give it to you the way it is - just cheaper, and faster, and better-looking. I think that's enough. I hope you all agree : ) 

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